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Agriscaping Week 9 - The Queen Creek Botanical Gardens

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

This week, we got a sneak peak trip to the Queen Creek Botanical Gardens. Justin Rohner, the head of Agriscaping Technologies, with whom we have been working throughout the FAB 5 program, is also heading up the design and build of this cool new garden in Queen Creek, AZ. The day we were there was the afternoon before opening day, so there was a lot of final preparation activity happening that I didn’t catch on camera.

Many of the gardens were still in their infant stages - designed and laid out, but not yet planted, and you can tell that the project is going to be awesome once everything in Justin’s head comes to realization. Much like any landscape or garden project - for those of us who enjoy creating beautiful spaces, seeing the ideas starting to come to life is so fulfilling!

We were there specifically to get our tropical trees ordered before they went on sale to the general public. The Gardens also have a wonderful nursery (click here to see the trees they have currently), with the best prices we’ve seen on trees pretty much anywhere in Phoenix. The profits from sales support the Gardens, so it’s really a win-win.

The coolest part of the setup is the water mill - it’s an actual working water wheel that will be attached to a grain mill Justin was able to find after some diligent research, that will eventually be able to be used for grinding flour on-site. We also got a peek at Justin’s “office” - the unfinished inner workings of the mill building. I can’t wait to see it when it’s actually up and running!

To end the adventure, we came home with as many of our trees as would fit in the van, and with a couple more trips we were able to gather basically all the trees to be planted this season. Here’s the list of what we got from the Queen Creek Botanical Gardens Nursery (and unfortunately if you want to know more of the varieties, you’ll have to ask my husband!):

- Mango

- Papaya

- Guava

- 3 Barbados Cherries

- 3 Surinam Cherries

- Honey Fig

- Strawberry Tree

- 2 Avocados

- 4 Pineapple Guava (for a hedge)

- 2 Wolfberries (for a hedge)

- 2 Bananas

- Improved Meyer Lemon

- Loquat

We also ordered a couple of bare-root trees (Asian pear, nectarine, Anna apple, blackberry, goji berry and grapes), that we’ll get when bare-root planting season gets here! I’m thankful for the Queen Creek Botanical Gardens and Nursery because we were able to get all of these trees probably for about a third of what it would have cost at other nurseries around town. Soon we’ll be starting to see the infant stages of our own little garden project come to life too!

Go to to shop for fruit trees and learn more about the Gardens.

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