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Agriscaping Week 3 - The Scoop on a Coop...

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

We've had our first egg-citing building project! After deciding to move forward with chickens, we bought a Cumberland Chicken Coop at Tractor Supply, so our adventure this week was putting it together.

The build process was fairly simple, even with two small kids underfoot. You can see that all the hardware came very well separated and labeled, which was super helpful. It only took my husband about an hour to get the whole thing put together with the kids (though I'm not sure if the kids' help counts as a benefit or, more likely it probably added to the the build time). As you can see, it has three nest boxes and a nice closed-in roosting area, good for up to 8 chickens. We have decided to start out with three or four, so this should work out great.

We will be getting baby chicks, so they won't be ready for their coop for a few weeks (especially in the 110+ degree heat we've been having this record-breaking summer), but once they grow and it cools down in September, their home is now built and ready to go! Next up is watching lots of videos about chick care and deciding what kind we should get. And we'll spend the next few weeks listening to my 3-year-old going around the house singing, "Black astrolorp-esses, buff orpingtons!" The excitement of baby chicks is in the air around here!

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