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Agriscaping Week 37 - Spring Planting Time in the Front Courtyard - Sapodilla, Succulents, Mex Olive

We finally planted the tropical Sapodilla tree in our front courtyard! It's shaded by a 60% shade cloth and protected on three sides by the house, so it's the PERFECT place for tropicals! They don't get killed by the sun in the summer, and they don't freeze in the winter! Spring is the perfect time to plant. You can see in the video more about how we prepped the hole and carefully planted our baby!

This was also the time for planting out the rest of the courtyard, including a couple of succulents that have done really well over time. We have Mexican Oregano (on the left), Longevity Spinach (top), Okinawan Spinach (right) and some basil (bottom). I'm writing from over a year later, and you wouldn't believe how the Longevity Spinach TOOK OVER this planter - it's HUGE now! The Mexican Oregano did great as well - it grows super well, and we use it to add flavor to basically any Italian or Mexican dish. They both survive the summers remarkably well for Phoenix!

Finally, here's my hubby moving the Mexican Olive tree. It was getting too much water from the sprinklers where it was planted, so we moved it to the back, where it recovered and is doing great now! Note to self - for Mexican Olives, don't overwater.

Spring is such a fun planting time! The weather in Phoenix is so perfect for growing - see what you can get started in the springtime!

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