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Agriscaping Week 36 - Subpod Vermicomposting System!

This week I want to share a project we did that has greatly increased the worm activity inside our raised bed garden! We build the garden in a “U” shape so that we could install a Subpod vermicomposter on one leg, and have worms travel all throughout our growing area. Here you can see the process of setting up the composter:

First we had to shoo the chickens away from their favorite freshly disturbed dirt, then we set in the Subpod and filled it with cardboard scraps, some other starter materials and worms!

Here you can see the difference, after one day (worms still visible, doing their work!), and then after a couple of months. Look at that beautiful compost! As you add things, there’s a tool that helps mix it in you can see in the picture on the right. And below - look at the amazing worm-filled compost this baby creates! We LOVE it.

An unexpected benefit of the Subpod is that the rest of our yard (which we have covered in the Back to Eden method) is now much more worm-filled as well! It was quite the pleasant surprise when we were digging out a stump on an unimproved side of the house and whereas before we had NEVER seen a single worm, but amazingly my son was able to harvest an entire cup full! They are silently hard at work under there, and we know the Subpod is a huge boon to the process!

The other project update this week is that we got a new sliding door installed to our bedroom. It’s amazing the difference it makes to be able to see right outside into the tropical garden! Unfortunately the contractor we hired did a really sub-par job, and the CHICKENS ate all the caulking (!!), but hey. The door is at least in, right?

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