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Agriscaping Week 35 - Creating a Rasied Garden Bed

We took a huge step forward this week! We FINALLY got down to work and created a raised, U-shaped garden bed. First, you can see our elaborate design process (it ended up as a “U” instead of the two separate beds we first envisioned). Then we bought supplies and painted the wood with linseed oil to seal it in a food-safe way.

The building process took a few hours, and then we filled the bed with potting soil, topped with wood chip mulch. Water blanket creation and irrigation setup was next, and annoying, as usual. It took a lot longer than it should have (at this point I just always assume irrigation will take more time than I think!).

The last step was to build a PVC shade cover and trellis across the beds. Part of the purpose was to protect the garden from the vegetables, and also to give trellis and shade when needed in the summer. I strung bird netting all around the garden to keep the birds (mostly the chicken type) out, but alas they managed to get in various times and eat our plants! The only solution eventually was to pen up the chickens better so they weren’t able to free roam and find their way into our gardens. But that’s another huge project I’ll have to share another week!

In the meantime, we were super excited about our new garden bed and couldn’t wait to get it planted!

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