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Agriscaping Week 33 - What is THAT? Funky Eggs and other Chickeny Things

A lot of odd things were going on with our birds this week!

First the rubber egg. We couldn't figure out what had come out of our hen! Thankfully we only had two of these, and they've been laying normally since. But definitely weird when we found it!

We also had some HUGE eggs this week as well. Something must have been in their feed. The Black Astralorp chickens seem to lay more double-yolk eggs than the Buffs, so we get one of those every once in a while. But the huge quail egg was a surprise! It was half the size of a chicken egg, and I have no idea how such a little bird possibly laid it. (We actually were able to hatch that egg, and the chick was a lot bigger than the others, but seemed to have some genetic problem and died fairly early.) And here's a pic of a bluish egg one of our girls laid another time. Definitely not normal, but apparently the recessive celadon gene is in two of those quail somewhere!

Finally, in the video we talked a bit about the quail. Here's a picture of our favorite girl, Lucky. She's turned out to be one of our best layers, as well as being pretty. Also, our neighbors have started getting excited about our backyard endeavors, and some bring over their garden and food scraps for the quail and chickens. Finally, with winter starting, we put a heat lamp in the quail coop to keep them warm and hopefully encourage a bit more egg production. But we decided to give our girls a rest over the winter months - you can force them to keep laying, but we don't really want to. They'll live and produce eggs a bit longer that way. And if you want to know what sound a quail makes when she's laying an egg, we learned that for sure too - check out the end of the video!

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