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Agriscaping Week 31 - Pruning First Year Apple, Pear, Peach & Loquat in Phoenix (So Sad)

This week was super sad! We had to prune all of our new bare-root fruit trees. They put out these beautiful tiny blossoms (it reminded me of Japan - I didn’t know Phoenix could have blooms like that!), but they needed to be removed so the plants wouldn’t spend any energy producing flowers or fruit this year.

Here are some of our pretty apple blossoms before we popped them off:

All of the new stone fruit trees‘ budding blossoms had to go - apple, peach, nectarine, and pluerry.

We also took off the Loquat blossoms as well.

But the goal is to have strong, healthy fruit trees next year. So all that energy needs to go to root growth and strong tree development this year. With the long-term goal in mind, the small sacrifice is worth the future rewards! Anecdotally, our neighbor told us that she used to have an apple tree (and she did not take off the blossoms the first year), but it only gave tiny apples, and took a ton of water. We want to avoid this and have happy trees with deep root systems that produce lots of full-size fruit! We’ll let you know if it works.

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