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Agriscaping Week 28 - The Flying Greenhouse - Surviving Our First Big Storm

What do you do when your greenhouse FLIES AWAY??

Building a garden in Phoenix, this isn’t really something you think about in advance, because we don’t get much extreme weather! But when the first big winter storm hit us, we realized the greenhouse tie-downs we’d been tripping on for months were there for more than just looks…we were lucky that after a few crazy gusts, the winds died down and the greenhouse touched back down, but check out the inside…

Thankfully, as you can see in the video, the greenhouse and the bananas and other potted plants it was protecting, survived, and the structure didn’t take out any of the other plants around it. But we didn’t get through without some collateral damage, as you can see above. And a TON of mud!!

We were very thankful that the grading of the backyard was done correctly (as we did it ourselves), and all of the water was either absorbed by the wood chips, or went mostly toward the side of the house, and didn’t come in on the patio!

The chickens enjoyed their time searching the yard for bugs and worms after the storm, though they definitely were NOT happy while it was raining!

I suppose the moral of this story is when you are doing a DIY backyard remodel, make very sure you grade away from the house, and think about where water is going when it rains a lot. It was also good to see that the quail coop wasn’t completely floating in water either, as it easily could have been if we had graded wrong. Also, if you have a greenhouse or other wind-catching equipment, make sure they are tied down well if weather is coming!

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