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Agriscaping Week 26 - Food + Water = Eggs!

Let’s start with food systems. Here is our quail feeder. It has worked great, from the start of this quail experiment! The only issue we had at the very beginning is as you can see here - a couple birds wiggled in the holes looking too hard for food and couldn’t figure their way out again! But after a couple of weeks, they got big enough that this wasn’t a problem anymore. This DIY feeder has allowed us to feed them once a day and the food drains in slowly. Once the quail moved into their coop and were on the ground, they no longer waste much food at all - anything they spill is eaten throughout the day.

And then here is the most successful watering system we created. It took a 5-gallon bucket, tubing, PVC pipe and cups for the water to sit in (the quail weren’t smart enough to figure out the ones where they had to push the buttons to get the water to come out. The one on the top is a ”floater” so even when they weren’t smart enough to figure out how to push the lever to get water, there would always be water in at least one cup because it always fills up until the floater closes the valve.

And finally, we started getting eggs!! The quail started slowly because they matured in the end of winter, and the short days slow their laying. But slowly and surely, as the days got longer, they started laying more! Over time, we have gotten some interesting eggs, including some double-yolk eggs like the one below, nearly as big as a half-chicken egg! The picture on the right is of our proud first-egg moment.

And our Buffs surprised us by being the first egg-layers from the chicken crowd. We thought the Astralorps were supposed to mature first, but it was definitely Scoot! Super funny, she actually started nipping Matt on the ankle whenever he would go outside, then squatting down to be picked up. And in about two weeks after that, she layed her first egg (behind the ladder, below! We are so proud of our girls (who actually tolerate being held in the rocking chair like this). They are up and producing for us - so exciting!

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