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Agriscaping Week 25 - The New Hit Gardening Game

For all those parents out there, have you ever gone out in the garden and wondered who was responsible for the giant MESS that has been left behind? With two different sets of highly suspicious culprits in our family (chickens AND kids), we often play the game, “Chickens...or Kids.” We take turns guessing who is responsible, and often we’re quite surprised who the actual culprit is!

Check out the following pictures, and see if you can guess - Chickens...or Kids?

Ok, that first one was was a gimme. Kid, on bike, in neighbor’s yard. Needless to say, we bought them a new pot!

This was actually the mystery that started it all. The water valve cover was made of Styrofoam, and half of it was destroyed. We guessed kids, but low and behold, it was chickens - they ate half of the Styrofoam! After a week of diarrhea (all over our back porch), thankfully they survived!

Clearly, kid...on shovel. It’s impossible to get much work done under these conditions!

This one obviously required fingers. So kids it is. I bet you can't figure out who did the next ones...

Oh yes, the (un)expected joy of free-range chickens on your patio! They want to flock with us, so they get as close as they can at the back door...too bad the shoes happen to right under them!

In the end, we love them all...and have finally penned up the chickens (months later) so they'll stop making a mess where we don't want them...the kids - well, we haven't figured out a good pen for them yet. Some say it's possible to teach them to clean up their own messes, but I am, as of yet, unconvinced. In the meantime, we'll keep enjoying the garden, clean or messy - even the frustrating moments can be made beautiful if you see them in the right light!

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