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Agriscaping Week 22 - Chicken vs. Scorpion: New Greenhouse Showdown

With winter approaching, we needed to protect the newly-planted bananas, so we got a greenhouse frame to build around them.

All of the other tropical plants that hadn't gotten into the ground in the first round also got to go into the greenhouse to weather their first winter.

Shortly after getting it put up, a scorpion surprised us crawling on a wall in the yard. We trapped it in a jar, and wondered...what would happen if a chicken met a scorpion? In the video you saw what happened. Chicken wins! It's amazing how few scorpions I find in our yard these days. On the rare occasion I find one, the chickens eat it right up. Even a sting on the face doesn't bother them much...truly amazing. For anyone worried about bugs, scorpions, or other pests, chickens are by far the best pest control - no pesticides necessary!

Yes, it would appear we've become a chicken family. I never would have thought, but they're really awesome pets!

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