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Agriscaping Week 20 - Community Event, Making Water Blankets and Planting Raised Beds

Here we are, finally planting some real garden beds! There has been so much work leading up to this point, but before we could plant, we still needed irrigation that worked to water our new garden beds. So as a part of the Agriscaping Fab 5 program, Justin hosted an irrigation water blanket building session, where he showed everyone in attendance how to put water blankets together from irrigation tubing and then hook them up.

We used 1/2“ perforated flex pipe, 12” on center (the brown pipe in the pictures above for running the length of the beds) and thick-walled flex pipe (the black pipe above that connects everything together). T’s and elbows had to match the pipe size - we found out the hard way that “insert” style didn’t work with the thick walled pipe; the “sleeve” style of elbows and T’s were the only ones that worked. You can find the thick-walled pipe that lasts much longer (especially in the AZ sun) at Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply. We cut 5 lengths of perforated pipe the length of each garden bed, then cut the black pipe into 4 segments that would add up to the width of the bed (minus an inch or so for each connector). In one of those segments there was an extra “T” to hook up to a shut-off valve, which then connected back into the main line of thick-walled pipe that ran the length of the entire garden bed in the back.

Here’s a diagram of our water blanket schematic:

After we were done making a few blankets, we got to work making mud! We had to get rid of the hydrophobic nature of the soil that had been put into the beds, so we mixed in as much water as possible. Then we hooked up the water blankets to the main line in the back, and we were finally ready to plant! The next day, my son helped me get some of the plants Justin brought for us into the ground.

Another difficult project checked off the list - made much easier by help from the Agriscaping community. Thanks, Justin and everyone, for helping us get these water blankets put together, so we could finally plant some real garden vegetables in our new bed!

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