about me
You can call me "Indee"

Hi there!  I'm so glad you found us.  I hope you don't mind me writing under a pen name for now to protect the privacy of my little ones, as I share our story, to give you hope!  So for now, call me Indee (short for Industrious Defender of the Way...an amusing alias I derived from my actual name).


After the birth of my second son, his "failure to thrive" diagnosis, constant diarrhea, and deteriorating health as a nursing newborn forced me to make some major changes in our lives to try to heal his body, and, as it turned out, mine.  I couldn't believe the lack of information online about the root of the problems we faced, especially when my goal was true healing of our bodies, the way God designed, not just the "symptom management" the traditional medical community tried to throw at us again and again. 

So I set to work, experimenting with healing diets and searching for answers while nursing and later introducing solid food to my allergic baby.  Anti-Candida, GAPS, AIP, paleo, traditional, ketogenic, allergen-restricted - we have seen the benefits and drawbacks of each of these dietary regimens.  

But just when I was sure this health trial was ending, I tried a novel treatment and got incredibly sick.  My immune system essentially stopped functioning, and over the next terrifying months, I watched as my body started to lose its battles on every front, not getting better despite every dietary and medicinal effort I could find.  Even my incredibly clean keto diet wasn't enough to help me fight Goliath and I had no idea where to turn.  

But God is always in charge. 

(Why do we only begin to understand that fully when everything else is taken away?)  

He took me to the right naturopathic doctors, who eventually determined there was much more to my body's breakdown than I had ever imagined. After being diagnosed with Candida, Lyme Disease, Epstien-Barr (reactivated Mono Virus) and figuring out Mold exposure (in our house and through food) was keeping my children and me extremely sick, I finally started to understand what it means to be brought back from the dead, one difficult day at a time.  I have fought the immune system-debilitating effects of these Philistines with every physical weapon I could find, and I also started to turn to the Master Healer with much more seriousness, and through prayer (and God's wisdom in diet, medicine, and treatments), we are healing!

My prayer is that now by sharing the Body of Wisdom I have compiled throughout our trials, I can help you also to understand something about the root of your illness, everything physical you can do to help your body heal, and most of all, I want to pray for your healing too, because the God who does immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine literally makes the promise that


His followers will do what He did when He walked the earth...AND MORE.  

I'll be honest.

That one is hard for me too.  

But deep down, I think that is why He's challenging me to take Him at His word.


So here I am.  My training is in the sciences, and I have trouble shedding my skeptical American mindset when it comes to that promise.  But I know three things without a doubt.  

1) The work of Jesus was undeniably a healing ministry when he walked the earth,

2) The God of the Bible is TRUTH and He keeps ALL His promises, and

3) He answered me powerfully when I really started to take Him at His word.  


So I'm stepping out in faith.  I want to experience God's beautiful gift of healing in the lives of all those He loves, so send me a message and let me know how I can pray for you.  And even better, let me know the beautiful miracles you see along the way too!


Luke 1:37

​I know how hard it can be.  

There were days where I had no physical strength even to stand, let alone cook, no idea what I could possibly feed myself or my children that wouldn't keep making us sicker and sicker, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why.  

And other days where I caught literally any germ that touched me and I found I could eat nothing but meat for a week at a time.  

Losing weight, I could feel my body starting to say it was tired of fighting.  I surprised myself with how quickly my faith wavered and my prayer was, "Lord, let me be done and come home."

​But the answer to that prayer was a glorious, resounding "No."

(I never thought I'd be so grateful God doesn't always do things the way I ask!)  

So here I am today to share my story and pray with you.

Whatever you may be experiencing, you are not alone, and do not lose hope!  

Just remember that with God everything is possible - seek Him first, and He WILL lead you where you ought to go.

Thanks for your email and God bless!